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Tiers Countries Rate
A United States, United Kingdom $7
+ $2.10
(on 30% bonus)
B Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Austria $1.70
+ $0.51
(on 30% bonus)
C Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Greece, Israel, Hungary, Portugal, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Slovak Republic, Turkey $1
+ $0.30
(on 30% bonus)
D All Other Countries $0.40
+ $0.12
(on 30% bonus)


- All Rates are per 1000 unique views.

- Unique view per IP (1 view per IP) will be counted per 24 Hours.

- No money from proxies and Ad-blocked views.

- Child pornography of any kind is strictly prohibited and will result immediate disqualification, termination of you earnings and permanent ban.

- If you try to manipulate by using bots, auto-hits/surfers or proxies to gain money, you will get permanently ban, without being able to get previously earned money.

- All affiliates must agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

- CrownImg.com reserve the right to modify our affiliate program at any time without prior notice.

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